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Justice & Peace Outdoor Way of the Cross

10 a.m. Good Friday, March 21

This prayerful walk through the streets of Saskatoon features a reflection on the Way of the Cross focusing on justice and peace issues in the world today. For information, contact Tony Haynes at the Roman Catholic diocesan Justice and Peace office, 306-242-1500 or toll-free 1-877-661-5005.
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March 29 is a Carbon Sabbath

March 29 is a Carbon Sabbath

KAIROS wants you to turn off your lights for an hour at 8 pm on Saturday, March 29!

Why? Because our use of fossil fuels -symbolized here by a light bulb- is contributing to global climate change. In 2007, the people of Sydney, Australia, decided that they could send a powerful message for change by turning off all their lights at the same time. More than 2 million citizens and businesses did so. Now, the World Wildlife Fund is taking Sydney’s history-making moment global by encouraging people, businesses, and communities all over the world to turn off their lights and demand action on climate change.

KAIROS asks you, your church, and your community to join in this global effort as part of your commitment to the Re-Energize: Time For A Carbon Sabbath campaign. Use this time to reflect on your use of fossil fuels and their connections not just to climate change but to human rights and conflict as well. Build community around these issues. Advocate with local and federal governments to change their policies and practices related to fossil fuels.
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Waves of Change: Building People-Centred Economies

May 21-24, 2008, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Each year, the Canadian Community Economic Development Network holds a national conference to bring together those who support community-based efforts to improve social conditions and create economic opportunities in Canada and beyond. The 2008 National Community Economic Development (CED) Conference is hosted by the Canadian CED Network in partnership with Quint Development Corporation.

As the premier CED event in Canada, the conference aims to:

• Strengthen CED practitioners and organizations
• Advance a pan-Canadian policy agenda for CED
• Contribute to skills development and capacity building
• Increase the profile of CED as a viable approach to the economic revitalization of Canadian communities.

Each year, the conference attracts over 400 CED practitioners, civil society representatives, civil servants, business and co-operative developers, and academics for dozens of learning and information sharing sessions, inspirational keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and local site visits. The annual conference provides an opportunity for participants to pause and reflect on our grassroots beginnings, while coming together to develop a vision for what we wish to achieve.

**Registration will be open mid-February 2008**
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Is Christianity still relevant today? – Summer Ecumenical Institute 2008

Is Christianity still relevant today? – Summer Ecumenical Institute 2008

A Summer Ecumenical Institute will be held in Montréal from June 4 to 6, 2008, with the theme “Is Christianity still relevant today? How to respond effectively to a postmodern culture.” This bilingual programme has been planned and organized by the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism. There will be a variety of speakers, including Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton; Fr. Tom Ryan, c.s.p.; Rev. Dr. James Christie; Rev. Dr. Glenn Smith; Rev. Dr. Stephen Bigham; Dr. Édouard Bédard, and Joy Bédard.

For further information, please contact the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism at 1819 René-Lévesque Ouest, Montréal, QC, H3H 2P5; phone 514-937-9176; fax 514-937-4986; email infor [at] oikoumene [dot] ca or their new website The registration brochure is also available online.

Note: The Prairie Centre for Ecumenism will not be holding a Summer Ecumenical Institute in 2008 and encourages Prairie ecumenists to participate in this SEI in Montréal.
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Upcoming programs at the PCE in 2008-2009

Upcoming programs at the PCE in 2008-2009

2009 marks the 50th anniversary of the announcement by Pope John XXIII of the Second Vatican Council, one of whose two main aims was the advancement of Christian unity. It is also 50 years since Fr. Bernard de Margerie received his call to the ministry of ecumenism, and 25 years since the founding of the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism. The theme running throughout our 2008-09 programs will be The Ministry of Christian Reconciliation and Unity: Giving Thanks for the Past, Committing to the Future.

A number of our regular programs have been dedicated to this theme, and some special projects are being planned as well. Here is some preliminary information and dates for this year:

• Ecumenical Contacts Workshop
• Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
• 6th Annual Ecumenical Scripturefest
• Summer Ecumenical Institute

Ecumenical Contacts Workshop

Saturday, October 25th, 2008 at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (Spadina & 20th St.). Beginning with registration at 8:30 a.m., closing at 12:00. “All the Saints Gather for Prayer: theory and practice of prayer together for Christian unity and reconciliation.” Progress in ecumenism comes out of prayer, especially prayer together. We will prepare for our 2009 year of celebrations by exploring theory and best practice for planning worship ecumenically. Led by Nick Jesson and Amanda Currie with others. Worship resources table available. Please join us.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

January 18-25, 2009 Theme: “That they may become one in your hand” (Ez. 37:17)
Our Week of Prayer observances in Saskatoon will be as rich as usual. Mark your calendars with the closing service of the Week of Prayer on the “50-50-25” theme. We have much to celebrate at this service. Plan to join us at McClure United Church in Saskatoon at 3:00 p.m., January 25th.

6th Annual Ecumenical Scripturefest

Scripturefest, a program from Queen’s House of Retreats, will follow our theme for the year. It will be an occasion for reflecting and dialoguing about the scripture readings set for the 2009 Week of Prayer, “That They May Become One in Your Hand” (Ez. 37:17). Saturday, Jan. 24th at Queen’s House, 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Keynote Speakers: Rev. David Jobling & Rev. Bill Richards. Cost is $35 (includes lunch). Please book ahead through Queen’s House (306-242-1916).

Summer Ecumenical Institute

Mark your calendars now for June 2-5, 2009 and plan to be with us at Queen’s House of Retreats in Saskatoon. The Summer Ecumenical Institute will follow our 50-50-25 theme, reviewing and celebrating the achievements of the ecumenical movement over the past 50 years, describing where the ‘growing edge’ is today and dreaming dreams for our future.

We are delighted that Fr. Tom Ryan, a much-sought-after speaker and retreat leader, has accepted the invitation to be one of our keynote speakers.

Further details will follow later in the fall.
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Women in Ministry: Lives Taken, Blessed, Broken & Shared

Women in Ministry: Lives Taken, Blessed, Broken & Shared

“Women who serve professionally in ecclesial ministry have much to offer the church and have much to share with one another.” It is with this conviction that the second Women in Ministry gathering will take place at Queen’s House Retreat and Renewal; Centre, Saskatoon, from February 15 to 17, 2009. This year’s gathering takes inspiration from the book “Life of the Beloved” by Henri Nouwen.

The purpose of bringing together ordained and lay women employed in ecclesial ministry of all Christian traditions is to share and celebrate our journeys of faith and of call, to learn from and to support each other. Ministry commitments and responsibilities can have a way of insulating us from one another if we are not intentional about forging connections and encounters.

Facilitated by Marie-Louis Ternier-Gommers, Rev. Amanda Currie, Rev. Debbie Walker, and Elizabeth Nickel. There will be a special guest presenter, Bishop Cindy Halmarson of the ELCIC Saskatchewan Synod.

Pre-registration is required at least two weeks in advance in order to ensure that the program has adequate attendance to proceed.
Register online at Queen’s House, use the Registration form, or phone (306) 242-1916; fax (306) 653-5941; or email info [at] queenshouse [dot] org.
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Anglicans and Lutherans in first Joint Assembly

Joint Assembly: Together for the Love of the WorldClose to 1,000 Anglicans and Lutherans from across Canada will be gathering in Ottawa in July for what the Anglican Primate, Archbishop Fred Hiltz, says is an “historic and exciting moment” in church history.

For the first time since 2001, when they signed a declaration of full communion, the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) will be holding a joint assembly from July 3-7 at the Ottawa Convention Centre.

With the theme of “Together for the love of the world,” it will be a meeting quite unlike any other meeting,” say Archbishop Hiltz and Lutheran National Bishop Susan Johnson.

Each church will still hold separate sessions to deal with elections and specific church matters but will join together for worship and issues of common interest.
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