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Bulgarian Orthodox prelate gives icy response to Pope Francis’ quest for church unity

Pope Francis meeting with Bulgaria's Catholic Community in Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Rakovsky in southern Bulgaria

Pope Francis has appealed for the care of migrants in Bulgaria which has not recently been welcoming of them, but his words during a trip seeking church unity riled a senior cleric in the dominant Orthodox Church in the eastern European nation.

A consistent message of the Pope since the migrant crisis of 2015 has been for the need to welcome refugees, whom he has said been scorned by fear-mongering European nationalists, The New York Times reported as the papal visit began.

“But rarely has he delivered it in a nation that has so few Roman Catholics — they make up less than one percent of the seven million people in a country that is mostly Bulgarian Orthodox,” said the Times, noting that migrants in Italy have also faced hostility.
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