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Ecumenical contacts workshop: God in Your grace, Transform the World

A workshop for ecumenical contacts and leaders entitled “God in Your grace, Transform the World: An eyewitness report from the 9th Assembly of the World Council of Churches” will be held April 22 at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Saskatoon.
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The 2014 Irénée Beaubien Ecumenical Institute

Centre canadien d'œcuménisme/Canadian Centre for EcumenismTo promote Christian Unity and Dialogue among World Religions

The October launching of the 1st Irénée Beaubien, s.j. Ecumenical Institute by the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism will assemble noted experts in ecumenism (Christian unity) and interreligious dialogue. Fifty years after the foundation of the Centre and the publication of the Vatican Council II decree on ecumenism, this event will create a space where the theory and the practice of ecumenism can intersect and serve as a platform for future action. Pioneers who laboured to establish dialogue when this was not the popular thing to do will pass on their experience and the knowledge gleaned from their efforts to a younger generation passionate about overcoming differences and working together. Society will reap the benefits.

The Irénée Beaubien Ecumenical Institute will bring together people from different churches and different religions for two days of conferences, October 24-25, in the Anglican diocese’s Fulford Hall in Montréal located at 1444 Union Avenue. Participants will learn from some fourteen church leaders and specialists in the fields of inter-church and interfaith dialogue as these speakers explore the understanding and the practice of ecumenism from different angles. Question periods following each talk will provide the opportunity for clarification and exchange.
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