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Anglican and Roman Catholic leaders in Ireland herald 20th anniversary of Belfast Agreement

The Roman Catholic and Anglican Primates of Ireland and Archbishops of Armagh: Archbishops Eamon Martin (left) and Richard Clarke (right)The leaders of the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches in Ireland have issued a joint statement celebrating “all that has been achieved in building peace” since the historic Belfast Agreement was signed 20 years ago. In a joint statement on eve of the 20th anniversary of the agreement, which is also known as the Good Friday Agreement, as it was agreed by political parties on 10 April 1998 – Good Friday – Archbishops Richard Clarke and Eamon Martin, say that the agreement “has continuing potential to transform society and life for all of us. Nothing remotely its equal has been outlined then or since.”

Archbishop Richard is the Anglican Archbishop of Armagh and Primates of the Church of Ireland; Archbishop Martin is the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh and leader of the Catholic Church in the country. They say that the Good Friday Agreement “sought to address contentious political problems in the context of decades of violence, divided communities and immense suffering and death on our streets. As such it was a complex and, in places, controversial document.
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Anglican-Jewish Commission releases communiqué from recent meeting

Members of the Anglican-Jewish Commission. Photo: ACNSImmigration and minorities were chief topics of discussion at a meeting of the Anglican-Jewish Commission last month in Jerusalem. One particular focus was the situation facing Christians in the Middle East. They agreed that any responses to the situation must be grounded in an understanding and affirmation of human life and freedom.

This was the first time the group had met since 2014. Speaking afterwards members said they had been encouraged and hopeful about gathering more often in the future. The Commission expects to reconvene again in 2019.

The Archbishop of Canterbury‘s Programmes Coordinator for Inter Religious Affairs, Katie Hodkinson, said the meeting was very significant.

“It was something that the Archbishop of Canterbury agreed with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel whilst on his two-week visit to the Holy Land last May, ” she said. “This renewed energy and commitment was warmly welcomed by both the Christian and Jewish communities.”
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