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Archive pour 2014

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German ecumenical groups respond to a call for “pilgrimage of justice and peace”

 — May 5, 20145 mai 2014

A mural painted by a group of artists led by Anne Stickel at the Mainz ecumenical assembly in Germany, 2014More than 400 representatives of German ecumenical groups attending an assembly in Mainz, Germany have affirmed their commitment to move forward in a “pilgrimage of justice and peace” – a call from the World Council of Churches’ (WCC) Busan assembly. The ecumenical assembly in Mainz, held from 30 April to 4 May, addressed the theme “The future we desire – Life not destruction”. The event was organized by a network of ecumenical groups in Germany, encouraging actions from the churches inspired by the call for a “pilgrimage of justice and peace”. Featuring vibrant discussions on political, social, economic and ecological issues, as well as theological reflections, the Mainz assembly focused on themes such as “earth as our home”, ecumenical spirituality, economy of life, climate justice and “just peace”. The sessions at the assembly were attended by local visitors along with the registered participants. Some 151 workshops were organized at the assembly addressing a number of themes, including seminars on transformative spirituality.
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Greek Catholics in Ukraine restore former Mennonite church building

 — May 5, 20145 mai 2014

In Ukraine a former Mennonite church building is being restored and transformed - with the help of Canadian Mennonites - into a Greek Catholic churchIn Ukraine a former Mennonite church building is being restored and transformed – with the help of Canadian Mennonites – into a Greek Catholic church. This development, according to observers, is an example of Mennonite-Catholic collaboration in the spirit of other exchanges over the past decade or so. The Mennonite church in the former village of Schoensee (now Snegurovka) was originally built in 1909. During the post-October 1917 revolution Soviet era, when Mennonites were forced to leave, the church building was used for storage and then fell into disrepair. Recently the Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine secured ownership of the building and a retired Catholic priest from the Czech Republic, Father Peter Trenzky, is giving leadership to the restoration as well as to the congregation, which has started to worship in the building. In learning about the restoration project, individuals associated with the Mennonite Centre in nearby Molochansk (formerly Halbstad) offered to help. The Centre was established in 2001 in the former Mennonite Girls’ School (Maedchenschule) to provide a range of community services.
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Evangelicals and Catholics Together marks 20 years

 — May 7, 20147 mai 2014

Charles Colson, together with Father Richard John Neuhaus established Evangelicals and Catholics Together in 1994When evangelicals and Catholics set aside centuries of mutual suspicion 20 years ago, the idea was fairly simple: Even if we can’t always work together, at least let’s not work against each other. Now, two decades after the launch of the group Evangelicals and Catholics Together, relations between the two groups appear stronger than ever, forged by shared battles over abortion, same-sex marriage, religious freedom and immigration. A new pope is finding crossover appeal among evangelicals who share Pope Francis’ emphasis on evangelism and his distaste for the fancier trappings and authoritarianism of the papacy. “The first affirmation of Evangelicals and Catholics Together is that Jesus Christ is Lord, and there’s the source of our hope,” Catholic theologian Matthew Levering of Mundelein Seminary outside Chicago told the recent Q conference of evangelical movers and shakers in Nashville, Tenn. “This was an anchor for when they began to discover that we share the same gospel.”
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A recipe for Christian unity: flesh, blood, tea and whisky

 — May 8, 20148 mai 2014

Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix (left), Roman Catholic archbishop of Quebec and Bishop Dennis Drainville (right) of the Anglican Diocese of Quebec embrace before the cross. Photo: Daniel AbelMy grandmother and my great-grandmother, both Quebecers, both died on Good Friday. They were Protestant anglophones in a majority Catholic francophone world. In my grandmother’s day, Catholics would cross the street to avoid passing in front of a Protestant church for fear of damnation. As for my great-grandmother, who lived in La Baie on the Saguenay, her Catholic maid was famously heard to say what a kind person my great-grandmother was, and what a pity she was going to hell.

I hope all of them, including the maid, can see what their descendants were doing this Good Friday in Quebec. Four different Christian denominations in Quebec City got together to walk with a huge cross through the streets. In total silence we walked from church to church, United Church, Anglican, Presbyterian, and Catholic, stopping in each one to pray and sing and read some more of the Passion story.

It was a warm evening, and people stopped on the street to stare. Teenagers giggled together with embarrassment, militant atheists muttered with contempt, old women smiled happily. Some quietly joined us, mostly immigrants from countries where people still go to church. Would-be anthropologists took pictures of us, with our Catholic cardinal in red and our white-robed Anglican bishop, to put on their Facebook pages, the way they might post pictures of Amazonian tribes: “Didn’t know there were any left! Didn’t even have to take malaria pills to see this!”
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Hope and hard work: U.S. priest trusts Christian unity is possible

 — May 8, 20148 mai 2014

Msgr. Gregory J. Fairbanks, an official at the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, is pictured at the council's office at the Vatican. Photo: CNS/Paul HaringThe issues dividing Christian communities have changed over the past 50 years, but a Philadelphia archdiocesan priest working in ecumenical dialogue at the Vatican is confident that Christian unity is possible.

“We are people of hope. We trust we have the same Scriptures, the same belief in Christ,” said Msgr. Gregory J. Fairbanks, an official at the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

In the early 1990s, when he was a newly ordained priest, one of his pastoral responsibilities was dialogue with other Christian churches and with non-Christian communities in the northern section of Philadelphia.

After joining a group of local clergy and pastors who met monthly to share neighbourhood concerns and find ways to better work together, he says he “realized that if the ministers cannot work together, then our people are not going to be able to.”

Two decades later, Msgr. Fairbanks is working at the pontifical council to improve dialogue on an international level.
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Scottish independence: Kirk offers post-vote ‘healing’ service

 — May 11, 201411 mai 2014

Rev John Chalmers said he hoped reconciliation would not be the biggest part of the serviceLeaders from all sides of the referendum campaign have been invited to a Church of Scotland reconciliation service three days after the vote. The service, at Edinburgh’s St Giles’ Cathedral on 21 September, will focus on healing divisions and building the future together, the church said. Moderator Designate Rev John Chalmers said there was a danger the referendum would set people against each other. The Church said it hoped similar services would be held across Scotland. It said its service would highlight the need to put differences aside and begin working with each other, whatever the outcome of the vote on 18 September.
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United Church moderator sends open letter to LGBTQ community

 — May 12, 201412 mai 2014

The Right Rev. Gary Paterson, moderator of The United Church of CanadaI am writing today as the spiritual leader of Canada’s largest Protestant denomination, The United Church of Canada. I am also writing as an openly gay man, married to another United Church minister. This introduction may come as a surprise, seeing that so often it is religious leaders who condemn homosexuality, quoting scripture to justify their prejudice.

And so, as we approach this year’s International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, I want to deliver a different sort of message from a religious leader to all members of the LGBTQ community, whether they are people of faith or not.

It is a message that states unequivocally that not all Christians think the same way; that the hatred, condemnation, and judgment inflicted upon LGBTQ people by some within the Christian church is wrong and does not reflect the sum total of all Christian understanding of gender identity and sexual orientation.

For too long LGBTQ persons have been ostracized because of who they are, and the cost has been tremendous suffering, oppression, and diminishment of their humanity. For this I grieve.

I believe that we are all made in the image of God, wholly good and wholly loved by the Creator. This is why I feel such sadness when I see religious leaders and organizations failing to recognize that reality in every member of the LGBTQ community.
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Catholics & Orthodox looking towards Jerusalem meeting of Francis & Bartholomew

 — May 15, 201415 mai 2014

Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew meet March 20, 2013 at the inauguration of Pope Francis' pontificateThe historic meeting between Pope Paul VI and Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras in Jerusalem in January 1964 was a joyful occasion that swept aside centuries of division and has born good fruit, said Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz of Louisville, Kentucky, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Archbishop Demetrios, primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America and chairman of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America, in a joint statement, May 15.

The statement anticipated the May 25 meeting of Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Jerusalem.

Archbishop Kurtz and Archbishop Demetrios said the growing closeness between Catholic and Orthodox Christians over the last 50 years has allowed them “to speak with one voice” on issues facing society.

“We commit ourselves to increased cooperation in these areas, including social, economic, and ethical dilemmas, and we call our people to pray for the success of the upcoming meeting between Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Jerusalem for the glory of God and the promotion of Christianity in our wounded world,” the statement said.
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New initiatives explore relationships between ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue

 — May 16, 201416 mai 2014

Addressing the urgency of witnessing to the gospel in current ecumenical and multi-religious situations, the World Council of Churches (WCC) will develop materials to assist churches engaged in both ecumenical dialogue and inter-religious dialogue.

Ecumenical dialogue is about conversations between different Christian churches while inter-religious dialogue is concerned with the conversations between different world religions.

The agreement to produce these materials were an outcome of vigorous conversations in a recent meeting, organized by the WCC’s Commission on Faith and Order and the WCC’s programme for inter-religious dialogue and cooperation, from 12 to14 May at the Ecumenical Institute, Bossey, Switzerland.

Questions related to the relationship between ecumenical and inter-religious dialogues, their commonalities and distinctive features, were in focus at the meeting.
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Canadian elected as new General Secretary for world’s Reformed churches

 — May 18, 201418 mai 2014

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Ferguson has been elected as the new General Secretary of the World Communion of Reformed Churches. He takes up his duties August 1.The Reverend Christopher Ferguson has been elected as the next General Secretary of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC).

Ferguson was elected by the WCRC Executive Committee after an extensive search process. The WCRC, an ecumenical organization based in Hannover, Germany, represents Reformed, Congregational, Presbyterian, Waldensian, United and Uniting churches, most of them in the Global South, while working with a particular focus on issues of environmental, social and economic justice. The Executive Committee, the governing board of the WCRC, is holding its annual meeting in Hannover, Germany, 11-18 May. It is composed of 30 members from around the world.

“The WCRC is at the edge of a new moment of renewal and transformation. It is exciting and uplifting to be called to be part of this renewed commitment to communion and justice,” said Ferguson.

“I’m convinced Chris Ferguson will be an outstanding general secretary,” said Clifton Kirkpatrick, convener of the search committee. “I look forward to great things for the WCRC under his leadership.”
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