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Reformed church groupings agree to create new global body

The World Alliance of Reformed Churches has agreed to unite with the Reformed Ecumenical Council to create a new “global entity” that will group 80 million Reformed Christians.
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Deux rassemblements d’Eglises réformées se mettent d’accord

L’Alliance réformée mondiale (ARM) a accepté de s’unir au Conseil œcuménique réformé (COR) pour former une nouvelle “entité mondiale” qui rassemblerait près de 87 millions de chrétiens réformés.
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Eucharistic Congress in Saskatoon

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon will be holding a Diocesan Eucharistic Congress from October 26-28, 2007. A Eucharistic Congress is not a common event in any diocese, so it will be as unfamiliar to Catholics as it is to other Christians. Essentially, the Congress is a period of intense study and reflection about the many dimensions of the eucharistic mystery. As Bishop Albert LeGatt describes it, “A Eucharistic Congress… is an occasion to gather all the baptized, the Body of Christ, for the purpose of giving praise to Christ for the gift of the Eucharist.”
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23rd Annual Festival of Faith: Side by Side in Faith

The 23rd annual Festival of Faith will be held on Sunday, October 28th at 2 p.m. This year’s theme is “Side by Side in Faith.” The Congregation Agudus Israel (715 McKinnon Ave.) will again host the religious community of Saskatoon for this important festival.

Come join in Saskatoon’s multi-faith expression of its spiritual traditions expressed through speech, music, and dance – a celebration for all ages brought together from the four corners of the earth! Free admission. Refreshments served.
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On Unity: Jesus Christ, The Hope of the Church

We hear complaints these days decrying much that is wrong with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.): ministers with questionable theology, regrettable statements from denominational officials, and misguided decisions by judicatories at all levels. One effect of these recitations surely is to leave under a cloud Presbyterians who profess continuing loyalty to the denomination. We who remain affiliated with the denomination are often portrayed by separation-minded colleagues as sell-outs, as compromisers, as “lukewarm Laodiceans” who have sacrificed theological and biblical integrity for the sake of unity-at-any-price.

We reject these portrayals and intend now to declare the biblical and confessional faith that leads us to keep faith with our brothers and sisters within the PC(USA). We contend that the decision to remain within the fellowship involves neither a softening of confessional commitments nor a sentimental minimizing of the problems afflicting the denomination. Rather, our commitment to hold firm in common life with our fellow Presbyterians is grounded in the recognition that the hope of the church lies nowhere else than in the saving Lordship of Jesus Christ its Head.

The corollary to this affirmation is the recognition that the decision to leave is questionable as an act of Christian faithfulness. While we do not doubt the godly intentions of many who have left or are considering leaving, we suggest that the path of separation tends to reflect a certain kind of despairing unbelief regarding Christ’s presence in and with the church, an abandonment of hope in a living, acting, and reigning Lord Jesus. Such a position stands in contradiction to the Gospel.
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Celebrate Medicare Week coming soon

The Ecumenical Health Care Network of the Canadian Council of Churches invites every congregation and community across the country to join in a time of celebration and renewal of Canada’s commitment to ensuring the preservation and strengthening of its universal public health care system, better known as Medicare. To this end, we have named the week of November 18th “Celebrate Medicare Week.”

In the past, Canada’s churches have played an invaluable role in defending access to care based on need not on ability to pay, and as a living statement of how we care for one another in Canadian society. In the words of a former vice-president of the Canadian Council of Churches, Karen MacKay-Llewellyn, “Defending public health care in a system that promises accessibility to all Canadians at the same level of quality, is a matter at the heart of our Christian confession, and this must rest at the heart of our public witness.”
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Women in Ministry: Naming, Claiming and Celebrating

Women in ministry, both lay and ordained, are invited to a retreat at Queen’s House in Saskatoon, November 18-19, 2007. “Women in Ministry: Naming, Claiming and Celebrating” will be an ecumenical gathering of women in ministry to share and celebrate our journeys of faith and of call, to learn from one another, to become friends and to support each other. Ministry commitments and responsibilities can have a way of insulating us from one another if we are not intentional about making connections and encounters happen. The team of facilitators includes two Roman Catholic women in pastoral ministry, a recently retired Lutheran pastor, and a Presbyterian minister. Please see the brochure for more information and the registration form.
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No other name? Can only Christians be saved?

The Prairie Centre for Ecumenism will present another workshop for lay leaders in local congregations on Saturday, November 3 from 11:00 am to 2:00 p.m. The subject “No other name? Can only Christians be saved?” will be presented by the Rev. Dr. Jan Bigland-Pritchard at St. Timothy’s Anglican Church (2 blocks south of Taylor on Lansdowne) in Saskatoon.
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Une réunion chrétienne d’une diversité sans précédent pour évoquer l’unité et le témoignage commun

Une réunion de hauts responsables d’Eglises telle qu’on en n’a jamais vue se déroulera près de Nairobi, Kenya, à partir du mardi 6 novembre. Jamais encore des traditions chrétiennes aussi diverses ne se sont retrouvées pour une rencontre mondiale d’une telle envergure œcuménique; on y parlera de ce que les chrétiens sont appelés à faire dans le monde d’aujourd’hui – si possible ensemble.

Sous le nom de Forum chrétien mondial, cette rencontre, qui se tiendra au Centre de conférences de Jumuia à Limuru, près de Nairobi, rassemblera du 6 au 9 novembre près de 250 représentants de haut niveau de toutes les traditions chrétiennes et de leurs organisations mondiales.
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Most diverse Christian gathering ever to discuss unity and common witness

A unique gathering of high level church leaders to start Tuesday, 6 November near Nairobi, Kenya, features the broadest range of Christian traditions ever represented at a global meeting, allowing for a discussion of unprecedented ecumenical breadth on what Christians are called to do – together if possible – in the world today.

The 6-9 November gathering, called the Global Christian Forum, brings together about 250 high level representatives of all the main Christian traditions and of their global organizations at the Jumuia Conference Centre in Limuru, near Nairobi.

The Forum’s stated purpose is to create a new, open space in which a broad range of Christian churches and interchurch organizations can gather in a multilateral setting to foster mutual respect and explore and address together common challenges. It aims to include all streams of Christianity, including those which have not been in conversation with one another. In Limuru about half of the participants will be Evangelicals and Pentecostals.

Over four days, with the theme “Our Journey with Jesus Christ, the Reconciler,” participants will discuss how best to promote dialogue and co-operation on issues of Christian unity and common witness to the world. They will debate proposals for the future of the Forum, and it is hoped that a “Letter to the Churches” will summarize the results of the meeting.
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