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Evangelical-Roman Catholic Common Statement of Faith

After three years of dialogue, the Evangelical-Roman Catholic dialogue in Saskatoon has produced a statement of our shred faith. The text is intended for study over the next months in preparation for a decision to affirm the text next spring.

Download and read the Common Statement of Faith

Join one of the three study sessions on Oct 16, Dec 4, or Feb 5.

The Joy of the Gospel: An Ecumenical Journey

1 session remains: Dec 13 at Queen's House, Saskatoon.

The Joy of the Gospel, an apostolic letter recently written by Pope Francis is packed with refreshing insights, Gospel-driven challenges and golden threads of meaning. His words have a tremendous relevance in today’s world particularly for all Christians. Join us on these Saturdays as we unpack this treasure from Pope Francis within an ecumenical community of presenters and participants. Come for one or for all days. Led by Marie-Louise Ternier-Gommers. Cost: $55/day or $195/four days.

Living With Dignity

A public seminar on end of life care that looks directly at the issues of euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada, during this very crucial time in our history. Living with Dignity, Wednesday, November 26, is sponsored by the Christian Medical & Dental Society and the RC Diocese of Saskatoon.

Guest speaker Dr. Margaret Cottle is a clinical instructor at UBC, a palliative physician and a member of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. She will be joined by Larry Worthen of Dartmouth Nova Scotia who is the acting director of the Canadian Medical and Dental Society.

This public event will take place at the Cathedral of the Holy Family from 7-9 pm, at no cost, aimed at informing and equipping participants.

Please note that a separate event for Christian leadership will be held on November 28th. To register for the Nov 28 Leadership event, email Myron Rogal at

Making your Case: Environmental Action as Christian Action

Churches for Environmental Action, in partnership with the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism, presents a one day workshop entitled “Making your Case: Environmental Action as Christian Action.” Speakers will be Jim Harding and Bishop Don Bolen.

The event will take place at Resurrection Lutheran Church (310 Lenore Drive, Saskatoon) on Saturday, December 6th from 9:30am-3:30pm. Lunch by donation.

Interfaith Conversation on Climate Change

Join us for a conversation about ways in which action on Climate Change can be ground in and fuelled by various religious perspectives. Hear people from a diversity of faiths speak about how their work in this area is rooted in their spiritual lives, and how their religious tradition equips them with unique tools to work for a better planet and a better future.

Monday, December 8th, 7pm (doors open at 6:30pm), Albert Community Centre Loft, 610 Clarence Avenue S at 12th Street, Saskatoon

Speakers panel will include: Paul Hanley, JoAnn Jaffe, Cam Harder, and Randy Morin and will be followed by open discussion, questions, and responses.

This forum is a continuation of the series "Religion in the Public Sphere" begun in Dec 2013.

Tea & cookies will be served. Please bring your own mugs.

Free will donations received, net proceeds to a local environmental charity

The Holy Spirit and the Environmental Crisis: St. Andrew's Winter Refresher

In a time of environmental crisis, how is the Holy Spirit present and at work in the world and how is it calling and empowering us to action?

Those are some of the questions to be explored with the help of Mark Wallace, a theologian who connects Christian faith to the environmental crisis, during St. Andrew's College's Winter Refresher 2015 being held March 5-7.

Wallace, a professor of Religion and Interpretation Theory Coordinator at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, places a focus is on the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of life, enlivening all creation and wounded by environmental degradation. His thought and writings are grounded in his Pennsylvania location, yet he is widely connected through his academic work and activism and combines theoretical depth and breadth with a remarkable personal openness.

A much-published author who is frequently in demand as a speaker, Wallace will guide discussion on the event theme -- The Holy Spirit and the Environmental Crisis.

In some ways the environmental crisis needs no introduction, as it must be part of our consciousness, informing all our decisions. But the environmental crisis is not static; it is complex and ever changing, requiring regular revisiting with informed analysis and commentary to keep us abreast of developments and offer insights.

The Holy Spirit is much the same. In some ways it needs no introduction but one never knows all there is to know about the Holy Spirit and it is particularly important at this time to revisit it in relation to the environmental crisis.

Wallace, the author of Green Christianity: Five Ways to a Sustainable Future, says his research and writing is an exercise in the emerging field of religion and ecology, a field he views as a "promising new line of inquiry in religious studies."

"This innovative sub-discipline focuses on how different religious traditions have shaped human beings' fundamental outlook on the environment in ancient and modern times. The world's religions ask basic questions about the cosmos that share deep affinities with the science of ecology," says Wallace's biography on the Swathmore College website.

"Both thought systems -- religion and ecology -- are concerned with the place of human beings within the general order of things. Noting this affinity between religion and ecology, the intellectual wager of this discipline is that the often unknown wellsprings of human beings' perspectives on the environment must be tapped if we are to understand adequately how individuals and societies have conceived of their place in the natural world."

For more information and a list of workshops download the Winter Refresher brochure and poster.

Taizé Prayer for Christian Unity

Taizé Prayer originated in the ecumenical monastery of Taizé in France. As a prayer form, Taizé has grown in popularity the world over. Typically offered in retreat houses, Taizé is making its way into the corporate prayer life of churches and offers Christians of all stripes and colours the opportunity to pray together.

Come to experience a simple form of meditative prayer with Taizé music, Scripture reading, and a time of silence in a candle-lit atmosphere.

Taizé Prayer for Christian Unity will be held:

1st Tuesday of each month from 7:30-8:30 pm in the Queen of Peace Chapel at the Cathedral of the Holy Family

2nd Tuesday of each month from 8-9 pm in the Chapel at Queen's House of Retreats