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Evangelical-Roman Catholic Common Statement of Faith

After three years of dialogue, the Evangelical-Roman Catholic dialogue in Saskatoon has produced a statement of our shred faith. The text is intended for study over the next months in preparation for a decision to affirm the text next spring.

Download and read the Common Statement of Faith

Join one of the three study sessions on Oct 16, Dec 4, or Feb 5.

The Joy of the Gospel: An Ecumenical Journey

3 sessions remain: Oct 18, Nov 15, and Dec 13 at Queen's House, Saskatoon.

The Joy of the Gospel, an apostolic letter recently written by Pope Francis is packed with refreshing insights, Gospel-driven challenges and golden threads of meaning. His words have a tremendous relevance in today’s world particularly for all Christians. Join us on these Saturdays as we unpack this treasure from Pope Francis within an ecumenical community of presenters and participants. Come for one or for all days. Led by Marie-Louise Ternier-Gommers. Cost: $55/day or $195/four days.

In God's Reconciling Grace: book launch

You are invited to a book launch to celebrate with Fr. Bernard de Margerie the release of his new book, In God's Reconciling Grace.

Thurs. October 30 at Resurrection Lutheran Church, 310 Lenore Dr, Saskatoon, from 7-9 pm. Coffee and desserts will be served.

Download the poster for details

The prayer and reflection texts contained in the book are intended to help members of all Christian churches learn and grow into ways of thinking, desiring, hoping, and praying for the healing of divisions among Christians according to the unmistakable will and prayer of Christ. As well as being intended for private and corporate prayer, the book is meant for meditative reading in the hope of personal and communal transformation. It proposes new ways of thinking, new paths of wisdom, new ways of relating to the church, Body of Christ on earth. Day in and day out, God offers superabundant grace in the power of the Holy Spirit for the churches to walk a corrected path, the journey of reconciliation and unity. This book wishes to help.

The Ethics of Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Tuesday, November 4
Lecture at 10:30am
Moderated session at 1:30pm

Pylypchuk Hall, level zero, St. Paul's Hospital

Professor Margaret Somerville is Samuel Gale Professor of Law, Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Founding Director of the Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law at McGill University. She has an extensive national and international publishing and speaking record and consults internationally to a wide variety of bodies.

Download the poster. No RSVP required for the live events

To Be the Church in Dialogue

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Decree on Ecumenism

The Vatican II Decree on Ecumenism was the beginning of the Catholic Church's commitment to the ministry of Christian unity. How has the Decree transformed our perception of each other and of our own churches? What does it mean to be A Church in Dialogue? We will be celebrating the anniversary with an ecumenical service and a day long workshop, November 21 and 22:

Ecumenical Service, Friday November 21 at 7pm. Hosted by the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism, this service will be an opportunity for all Christians to thank God for opening new doors to Christian reconciliation and unity and to pray for the continued vitality of the ecumenical movement in Saskatoon and throughout the world. Location: TBA.

Public workshop: To Be the Church in Dialogue. Saturday, November 22, 9am to 4pm. The churches have been transformed by the ecumenical movement. It is no longer possible to be the church in isolation. We must engage with other Christians, with people of other living faiths, and with the whole world. This workshop will explore the new pastoral letter from the Canadian Catholic bishops on the 50th anniversary of Vatican II's Decree on Ecumenism. There will be a panel on local, national, and international dialogue as well as a session exploring opportunities for common mission and service. Location: TBA.

Taizé Prayer for Christian Unity

Taizé Prayer originated in the ecumenical monastery of Taizé in France. As a prayer form, Taizé has grown in popularity the world over. Typically offered in retreat houses, Taizé is making its way into the corporate prayer life of churches and offers Christians of all stripes and colours the opportunity to pray together.

Come to experience a simple form of meditative prayer with Taizé music, Scripture reading, and a time of silence in a candle-lit atmosphere.

Taizé Prayer for Christian Unity will be held:

1st Tuesday of each month from 7:30-8:30 pm in the Queen of Peace Chapel at the Cathedral of the Holy Family

2nd Tuesday of each month from 8-9 pm in the Chapel at Queen's House of Retreats